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Benjamin Strollers Co. Ltd.
Ontario, Rockland, Rockland
311 Bowes Road, Unit 6a

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Benjamin Strollers Co. Ltd. - Info

Business Number: 100470178RC0001

Governing Legislation: Canada Business Corporations Act (1981-12-18)

Minimum number of directors: 1

Maximum number of directors: 10

Corporate Name History





to Present


Certificates and Filings - Certificate of Incorporation

- 1981-12-18
- Certificate of Dissolution

- 2004-05-06
- Certificate of Revival

- 2006-08-09
- Certificate of Dissolution

- 2009-10-14
- Certificate of Revival

- 2010-08-25
- Certificate of Amendment

footnote * - 2012-07-23

Amendment details: Number of directors


Amendment details are only available for amendments effected after 2010-03-20. Some certificates issued prior to 2000 may not be listed. For more information, contact Corporations Canada .

Corporation Number 1252046
Governing legislation Canada Business Corporations Act
Status active
Business Number 100470178RC0001

Address 311 Bowes Road, Unit 6a
Postal code K4K 1J1
City Rockland
Region Rockland
Province Ontario
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