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W.T. Lynch Foods Limited
Ontario, Toronto GTA, North York
72 Railside Rd
(416) 449-5464 ext. 229

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W.T. Lynch Foods Limited - Info

W.T. Lynch Foods Limited is a successful private company and
manufacturer of conventional and organic products in a wide range of categories, including: - Portion Jams - Jellies - Soup Bases, Gravy Mixes
- Ice Cream Toppings - Syrups - Iced Teas
- Portion Dipping Sauces - Drink Crystals
- Portion Salad Dressings - Bulk Jams
- Pancake Syrups - Jelly - Dessert Powders
- Pie Fillings - Hot Chocolates
- Hot Apple cider - Dietary Products
- Specialty Sauces
Lynch specializes in : - Manufacturing a wide range of wet and dry products for
foodservice and retail customers;
- R - D to match and innovate new products;
- Industry leading fill rates;
- Highest quality control standards; and
- Production flexibility.
Lynch brand names include: Olde Style, Swiss
Treat, Health Style, Classique, Fresh Plus, Bar Choice, Kitchen Wise, Lynch Gourmet Selection and Lynch.
In addition, Lynch copacks for a number of multi-billion dollar
W.T. Lynch Foods is owned and operated by the Lynch family.
Country of Ownership: Canada
Year Established: 1942
Exporting: Yes
Primary Industry (NAICS): 311990 - All Other Food Manufacturing
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 311420 - Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling and Drying
311930 - Flavouring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing
311940 - Seasoning and Dressing Manufacturing
312110 - Soft Drink and Ice Manufacturing
Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer
Export Sales ($CDN): $500,000 to $999,999
Number of Employees: 180

Jellies, canned, except infant foods, Fountain fruits, syrups and toppings, Cocoa or chocolate in powder form, Soups nes, soup mixes and bases, Fruit and berry pie fillers, canned nes, Food drink powders, Cocktail mixes, non-alcoholic, powder, Food preparations nes, Fruit and sugar butters and spreads, Fruit preserves, canned, exc infant foods nes, Sauce nes, Jams, canned, except infant foods, Sugar preparations and confectionery nes, Jelly powders, Dessert powders, prepared nes, Dressings and spreads nes, Syrup nes, Soft drink concentrates and syrups nes, Flavouring powders nes, Food - beverage products - services

Phone (416) 449-5464 ext. 229
Fax (416) 449-9165
E-mail contact by e-mail
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Governing legislation Corporation
Status active

Address 72 Railside Rd
Postal code M3A 1A3
City North York
Region Toronto GTA
Province Ontario
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